Weekly Ginger Bites

After another 2 absolutely insane weeks, my life is finally calming down – I hope! I’ve felt so awful not being able to dedicate more time to my clients and my work, and thankfully everyone has been so understanding and patient. It definitely makes me so grateful to have this job and have the clients I have – it makes crazy times like these just that little less stressful!

Last week the sh*t seriously hit the fan in so many ways I couldn’t actually believe it was happening. It was the last few days without my Mum, and I was hoping it’d all go quietly. But when my boyfriend started with some unusual stomach pains, we thought nothing of them. One trip to the doctor later, it was his appendix that threw the spanner in the works. Here in SA, we have private hospitals that require either a hospital plan or medical aid. If you don’t have either of those, you go to a government hospital. And that’s where we ended up at about 9pm on Wednesday evening. Sitting in a noisy, disorganised, crowded and foreign hospital with nobody to help was just the nightmare of nightmares. While my boyfriend’s sister came to keep company, we waited and waited and waited to hear if they would be admitting him or not. At 3am I left to get some sleep, and not long after he was admitted and operated on. Boy was I grateful that they didn’t leave him waiting for hours until something unpleasant happened! 3 days later he returned home, and it’s been a lot of taking care of him, my sickly dog who has been diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease, and catching up on work. We also had to spend 5 hours waiting for a follow up appointment at the hospital – never again!

Thankfully, I’ve managed to get some quality work time in and have since got 3 websites live, 2 sets of business cards printed and 3 logos designed. I’m glad it’s been a productive week, and I’m hoping to save up and take a weekend away to a spa – before my brain goes to waste! I’ve been pushed to the max (and further) for the past few months, and I absolutely don’t want it to take a toll on my work! Until then, I’ll get my head down and the work up!

So, until next week, here’s this week in links!


Interesting Reads

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Good For A Laugh

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My Faves

Fave Video: Incredible Dancing to Hozier’s “Take Me To Church”
Fave Font: Wendy


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