Weekly Ginger Bites

The past 2 weeks have probably been the most stressful and difficult weeks in years! It’s been every shade of crazy in this house, and that’s before getting to work! Besides the usual load shedding which makes work impossible, my little dog Lucy fell ill last week Tuesday. After 2 trips to the vet, she was cleared with nothing more than diarrhea that would be sorted with some medication. Then she stopped eating, and so did the meds. I’ve been to the vet at least 5 times since last Tuesday, and still no improvement. It’s like watching your child suffer and there’s nothing you can do to help – it’s pretty much killing me inside! It makes focusing on work a very difficult thing, so it’s mostly been early mornings and late nights trying to squeeze in some work. And the projects I’m working on are fantastic, and I wish life would sort itself out so that I could actually enjoy them! It’s just plain madness – it’s a great reason that I’m definitely not ready for kids in the next few years!

So, with all this craziness going on, sadly I wasn’t able to get to those Valentine’s printables – I barely even got to sketching them between vet visits and other work! I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s weekend, whether you’re spoiling someone or even yourself!

So, until next week, here’s this week in links!


Interesting Reads

Things You Can’t Learn At Design School!
Think Horse Riding Is Easy? Take A Look At Some Of These Jumps!


Good For A Laugh

This Artist Draws Disney Princesses As If They Were Their Real Ages!
This Is The State of South African Parliament – It’s So Bad You Have To Laugh!
How Cute Are These Penguin Jackets Knitted By A 109 Year Old!

My Faves

Fave Recipe: Caramel Latte Loaf Cake
Fave Design: Dress Your Tech Wallpapers
Fave Font: Cinzel
Fave Tutorial: Simple Watercolour Techniques



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