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Weekly Ginger Bites

So, this post was a little delayed thanks to our useless power supplier – Eskom! Man, this week has just been mad! My goodness! I haven’t actually got much work done as my personal life has taken over, and so has load shedding. To those who aren’t in South Africa, load shedding is our municipal electricity supplier’s way of trying to save power by cutting power to certain areas. Basically, the whole company gives their money to their directors and board members instead of paying for necessary upgrades on power plants and building new ones, so most of our province often sits in the dark for a few hours a week. While we do have solar backup lights and a handy camping gas stove, most of our house isn’t functional, especially my office. And I would buy a generator if petrol wasn’t so jolly expensive either! On top of all this usual madness, my Mum’s still in the UK sorting her late father’s estate so I’m doing my design work photography work and housework, my dog has been so incredibly unwell that she was booked into the vet last night, and one of our cars had a failed turbo, so we’re down to 1 healthy animal and 1 working car, and 1 unhappy me. My stress levels are through the roof!

I’m hoping and praying that the next few days will get better. At least I do have a wonderful job to keep me going, otherwise I would most likely be hibernating somewhere under the blankets right now. I haven’t spent much time on the web this week, as you can imagine, so this week’s links aren’t as exciting as usual. Hopefully that’ll change next week, so until then, I hope these will keep you busy for a while!

So, until next week, here’s this week in links!


Interesting Reads

For The DIY Photographers – Heart-shaped Bokeh!
Eco Friendly Brown Paper Valentine’s Day Decor Inspiration
Random Group Of Manatees Moves into Florida!
 5 Disney Movies To Get Excited About!


Good For A Laugh

The Internet of Useless Things
This Live Weather Map Went A Little Crazy
Jimmy Fallon’s #worstbirthday Tweets Are Hilarious!

My Faves

Fave Recipe: DIY Rainbow Petal Cake – No Fancy Tools Needed!
Fave Design: Dress Your Tech Wallpapers
Fave Font: Bulgary Font



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