Catching Up

The past few days have just been insane, and while I had only a few moments to take a photo for each day, there was just no time to put them on my PC, edit them and blog about them. But all the business was a good thing, so in my absence I was actually having a lot of fun! So, without further ado, here are the last few days worth of daily photos!



Day 10 - Neighbour
Day 10 – Neighbour

Ah, our neighbours. As the saying goes, “If you haven’t anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. Well, I’m tempted to say nothing at all, but I think from this statement, you’ll realise I don’t have the warmest of feelings towards our neighbours. So I’ll leave out all the nasty bits, and dig up something positive. We used to have the most wonderful view of Northcliff Hill, but several years ago, our previous neighbours sold their house, and the new neighbours built their double storey monstrosity for two and a half years. Yes. Two and a half. Since then, the view of the hill has long since vanished, leaving us to image what it looks like now, or break out the old photos of the once gorgeous view. So this is quite a bittersweet image for the theme, because it brings memories of anger, frustration and disappointment.


Day 11 - Learning
Day 11 – Learning

Learning. This will be my first year since I was 3 years old that I won’t be learning at an institution. Many people would be happy, but I’m actually rather sad. Yes, sad. I don’t miss primary school or high school, but I miss going to university. It was most definitely the best four years of my life, and I think I learnt more there than at primary school and high school put together! Alright, that’s not quite true. But I learnt far more in terms of skills I’d use in the professional world, skills that turned me into the designer I am now, and the person I am now. I’m a completely different person to the one I was when I left high school, and I’m glad. I’m grateful for the past 4 years of stress, hard work, tears, anger, learning, progression, happiness, joy and fun. I’d go do it all again, I swear! The people I met, the lecturers who taught me, the places I went to, the designs I made where all part of a special experience, and one that I’ll never forget. So, I’m sad to not be learning in such an environment again. I know I’ll never stop learning, but being able to learn there was just the best possible thing I could’ve imagined, and more.

So, if you’re in Johannesburg, and you’re looking for a brilliant place to study, love visual design and technology, then do yourself a favour and go to the Multimedia Department at the University of Johannesburg. Do it, embrace it, love it. I did, you will too.


Day 12 - A Corner
Day 12 – A Corner

Alright, this is rather uninspiring, but the day was too busy for me to think! I had a bunch of friends round for a braai – or for you non-South Africans, a BBQ. Our house isn’t naturally tidy, so most of the morning was spent tidying things, moving things and covering things up. This was one of our useful hiding tools – a screen that blocked the entrance to our ‘everything we don’t need or use goes here’ room. Thankfully it’s usually a temporary situation, and once people have left and we’ve recovered, things go back to where they should be and we can function again!


Day 13 - Your Weekend
Day 13 – Your Weekend

This weekend was definitely one of the best I’ve had in a while! Having some of my fantastic friends over for a braai was so much fun, if not a little crazy at times. We’re loud, bouncy and generally don’t have limits. I have a wide range of friends, from the most quiet, conservative people to the loud, crazy party animal people! But I love them all, and without them, my weekend probably would’ve been a terribly boring one, and so would my life! We had loud speakers blasting music (which ended up being a disaster because apparently my Windows Media Player loves Rihanna more than I do!) and games, laughs and just a good time allround. And to top it all off, I spoke to one of my favourite composers – Jacob Israel. His work is incredible, something totally refreshing to the usual scores and soundtracks I listen to. His stunning fusion of classical piano and insane digital stuff just blows my mind every time I hear it. I almost died when I found out he was on the other side of the phone I held to my head, and I could barely think to speak! It was rather mind boggling, to say the least. If you enjoy instrumental music, check out his page and take a listen. Listen to ‘Glassface’, and be prepared to be amazed – it’s incredible! You can find his work right here:

So, after all the madness on Saturday, Sunday was a nice lazy day. Some friends stayed over, and we had bacon and eggs for breakfast and took it really slow. If I could have more weekends like that, I’d gladly welcome them after a long busy week. 🙂

Day 14 - A Secret
Day 14 – A Secret

Secrets. They’re quite evil things, I feel. Most of my teenage life was shrouded in a cloud of secrets. “Don’t tell so-and-so I say this”, or “I’m telling you this, but please don’t tell them I told you”, or “Don’t tell anyone, it’s our secret”. And it gets tiring, until your mind is literally tied down in secrets and you have nothing left to say. I have very few secrets, but half the time I don’t remember them, so they’re not really secrets in the end. Secrets can hurt, sometimes they hide what’s necessary, and in the end, it’s just not worth it. Secrets are the byproduct of two-faced people, and being two-faced gets you nowhere. I learnt that the hard way, but looking back, I’m glad I learnt. I may have lost a lot, but the things I lost were things I didn’t deserve to have in the first place, and I wouldn’t want them back today if I had the chance. Don’t keep secrets, they’re not worth it in the end.


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