Whoever wrote the list of daily themes must’ve also known how my life was going to pan out this month. Some of the themes have been uncannily apt for each day. Today, well, today’s theme is a toughie for me. Usually I’d love the challenge of having hope, because I’m such an eternal optimist. But not today. Today I feel further from hope than the distance between the North and South Poles – times a million!

An accumulation of finishing my studies, battling to find work, and being immensely broke is a combo that has pushed me right down. I’m not the kind of person to let people do things for me, especially if I have something worthwhile to contribute and pull my weight. Now that I’m not studying or working, I feel like I’m letting myself down, as well as my family, friends and lecturers. I feel like I’ve got all the skills, but there don’t seem to be any opportunities that’ll let me show them off. It’s driving me round in circles of madness and frustration.

But, being bogged down here by my own mental abuse, I can still see a teeny tiny faint light of hope. It might be far away, but it’s there and it’s in my sight. So, I’m going to buck up, be positive and if there isn’t an opportunity, I’m going to have to make one. I’m going to have to push, stretch and squeeze, but that might just help me get somewhere. And that somewhere might just be exactly where I want to be.

Day 15 - Hope
Day 15 – Hope

So, always have hope. And here’s a little something I read earlier that inspired some hope in me, so if you need some hope too, I hope this helps. I got it from a blog post by one of my absolute favourite wedding photographers, Christine Meintjes, and she brightened my day when I read her article and this little piece. So, go have a look at her article too if you enjoyed mine!

Christine Meintjes
I know very little, but what I do know is this.

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