Disappearing Act

I bet you’re wondering where myself and my photos have vanished too. Well, I’m wondering that myself! The past month has been very rollercoaster-ish, but I’ve survived, and we have a brand new month to start tomorrow! I’m hoping it’ll bring some exciting new things, more progress for me and my design & photography.

Well, let’s start with the photos. Unfortunately, Nikon SA decided it no longer host their daily challenges – but didn’t tell us. I saw numerous unhappy posts on their Facebook page, and I sent them a message enquiring about the lack of daily themes. They replied saying they were no longer continuing with the challenge – no reason. I am pretty disappointed, I do miss my daily photos, and am actually contemplating starting something myself. But that’s a project for a rainy day!

I have been busy with 2 weddings this month, so I’ve had plenty to photograph and edit! For my most recent wedding, I hired 2 Nikon D600s, and what a pleasure they were to work with! It was rather strange but pretty awesome working with something so fast compared to my D300s. Looks like an upgrade is in the near future! Here are my 2 favourite shots from each wedding!

fireflight photography wedding photography
fireflight photography wedding photography

On the same weekend as the lastest wedding, myself and my boyfriend were up and heading off to the RC track at 6am. One of the international drivers JQ – aka Joseph Quagraine – was in SA taking part in a 2-leg race, so my boyfriend naturally wasn’t going to miss this! Sadly, several issues led to my boyfriend not finishing. It’s crazy how that little car works perfectly for warm ups, goes for a couple of laps in the race and then decides a few things should all break at the same time. It’s a good job there aren’t any hammers nearby when this happens! Anyway, I managed to get some pretty fun shots of the cars, got a bit sunburnt, got very covered in fine brown dust, and had a good afternoon (ending off with a McD’s Oreo McFlurry!).


I recently got a design project that meant I got to break out the pencils and sketchbook – and I’d forgotten how I used to draw! I found an old drawing of a unicorn from 2009 – check it out here, and was rather surprised. My recent drawings of a kingfisher were nowhere near as polished, but I think I need to start doing a daily sketch or something. It’s fun, theraputic and good for keeping the creative juices flowing! You’ll be seeing this product up on the blog, Facebook and website soon – keep an eye out!


And to finish off, yesterday my boyfriend and I went out on a breakfast outride at Shepherd’s Fold Stables. You go¬†for a 1.5 hour horse ride through the river, valley and mountains, and come back to a yummy full English breakfast on the farmhouse porch. The weather was gorgeous – a bit of sun and a bit of cloud, and when we were tucking into breakfast, a small burst of rain came down and cooled us down before heading home. I haven’t ridden a horse in ages, and it was great to be back in the saddle – even if I hurt quite a lot today! If you need something to do in Johannesburg, go for one of these rides, you won’t regret it!