Day Nine

Day 9 - Flower
Day 9 – Flower

Which girl doesn’t like flowers? They’re beautiful to look at, smell wonderful, and if they survive long enough, they’re a sign that you’re not completely useless at everything. My Mum’s the green thumb in the family, and the closest I get to being a green thumb is walking in the garden and watering the plants when someone’s away. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love them. As with all things, I generally have a few favourites, and many others that I don’t really care for. I simply adore gerbera daisies, orchids, tulips and strelitzias. At least I know if I get married one day, choosing flowers won’t be difficult. Or cheap.

Yesterday I went round to my best friend, Sara, and picked up my birthday present, which was this stunning Moon Orchid. I’m in love with it, the colours and texture are simply stunning. And I just found out that a dried orchid genus is actually vanilla – so I’m doubly happy about that. I’m holding thumbs (hopefully green ones) that this will stay alive for a long time. I’ve got a hydrangea that’s lasted 9 years, so maybe this one will win too?

Orchid BTS
A quick behind-the-scenes of my shot for today. Coffee tables, dining chairs and yoga mats make for such marvellous DIY studio equipment. Add a reflector and some natural light, and it turns into a nice shot in the end.