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Weekly Ginger Bites

I totally almost forgot to post this week’s Ginger Bites – it’s only been a week and I’m struggling! But I didn’t forget totally, I’ve just had a ton on my plate with sick family members, sick cars, and working through projects. And, I managed to do something stupid to my hips and back, so I’m hobbling around looking like an old lady – time to go see the chiro! It has been a busy week, so here is this week’s things


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Good For A Laugh:

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My Faves:

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Fave Song: Imagine Dragons – Warriors
Fave Website: Design Seeds

Spring Has Sprung!

I’ve been so ridonculously busy over the past few months, and I’m rather ashamed that my poor blog hasn’t had nearly enough attention as it should have! There’s been a huge but fantastic influx of projects from various clients that I’ve had so much fun working on. I guess a little bit of a catch up is in order.

The few projects I’ve been working on have been particularly huge for me, not in terms of project size but the fact that those clients have trusted me with their brands. While I’m completely confident I can work wonders with their new company’s brand, it’s a huge compliment for someone to trust me with it. The first big deal for me was one of my best friend’s new venture into a swimming school – and letting me create the logo, website and everything else. It’s going to be opening in October, and all the little things are slowly coming together, and I can’t wait to see it out there, living and breathing with the swimming school!


Secondly, I handled a CI for a new music production studio. It was so much fun, from the very first sketches right through to the launch event of their studio! Logo design, business cards, email signatures, letterheads, a rather good-looking website and photos. It was like chocolate cake, with a gooey chocolate filling, covered in thick chocolate icing – I enjoyed every single bit of it!


At the same time, I had a super short notice request for some business cards for a very talented baker and cake decorator friend of mine. From sketch to final printed business cards in just 4 days was a tad crazy, but they came out so cool looking, and when I saw them beside her incredible cupcakes decorated with printouts of the music studio’s logo that I’d designed, I almost cried! I can only imagine it to be something like seeing your kids go off for their first day of school. Yes, I totally just compared my projects to kids. But that’s how important they are to me!


On the side, I’ve been working on a logo for a very unique and exciting local band, a branding service company, and a wedding media company, along with the usual monthly work I do for my previous company of employment. It hasn’t really stopped here, but I’m grateful for that!

And personally, well, August was a surprisingly getaway-filled month! The second weekend of August, my boyfriend and I went away to celebrate our 4 year anniversary, then 2 weeks later we held a surprise birthday party/camping holiday at our friend’s special campsite (the same place we went to for Easter) and then last weekend we went to Bela Bela. That last holiday was a blast, even though we were camping during a cold front and the water froze overnight! I got the most pathetic tan/burn on my legs from my 3/4 pants, and we spent most of each day walking around, sitting in the sun, relaxing by the pool, playing cards and cycling around. I haven’t ridden a bike since…. well, probably over 10 years, but it was so great to get back on a bike and just ride! Except that poor bike had zero shock absorbers, so I was a little sore the following day! We had some sheep and little sparrow weaver birds for company after most of the campers left on the Sunday, while we stayed until Tuesday. They were so curious and friendly, constantly hopping around our feet while we relaxed by the tent, I actually missed them all after we came home!


And, well, since then I’ve been back at work, doing the usual au pairing and keeping very busy on more projects. I’ve also realised I have a lot of work ahead of me for my own businesses, as while my design has been doing so splendidly, my photography business totally needs some love. So I’m giving each business a little bit of pampering, some website updates and some blog updates, and lots of exciting things planned for the future. I’m not the best of bloggers, but I do enjoy it, so it’s time to put that to use and blog more! That’s right, you’ll be seeing a lot more from me, hopefully at least once a week, or once every two weeks! Until then folks!