When Life Hands You Lemons

When life hands me lemons, I usually run for the painkillers and wait for the pain to pass, since I can’t handle acidic things. Its the same when things get rough – I prepare to deal with that’s going to happen next, and let it happen. If there’s any way for me to prevent it, I will, and I’ll think non-stop until I find a solution to the looming disaster.

This past week, however, things got pretty rough. And hence the lack of photos and posts, because life gave me one too many lemons to handle for a day or two, and then the rest I used to catch up with my life. Firstly, I suffered a nasty abcess which was pressing on my trigeminal nerve, and left me in pain for 2 days before I got hold of some antibiotics. A few days later, when I felt fully recovered, I decided to paint my bedroom. It’s been stripped of it’s light brown, dark brown and teal colours to be replaced by a vivid purple and a light mauve. It’s looking fantastic, but it means I’ve been camping out in the living room on my inflatable mattress when I haven’t been at my boyfriend’s house. So, between life happening to me and me grabbing hold of life, my photos took a backseat. I did manage to take them, but no editing was done til the weekend. So, here are the past few days’ worth of photos, and more to come since I’m still catching up!

Day 17 - Sneaky Snack
Day 17 – Sneaky Snack

Managed to snap this the other day while I was wondering around trying to take photographs of the butterflies on the lavender. One managed to stay still for longer than half a second, so I got a close as I dared while I tried to get the shot. As I continued to look through the lavender, I came across this Praying Mantis having a nice snack on a bee – in the middle of all the other bees buzzing around! It was quite a surprise, but it suited the theme, and I think the mantis was quite happy, sadly if not the bee.

Day 18 - 'N'
Day 18 – ‘N’

N is for… nail polish. I love the stuff, it’s as bad as buying shoes, only cheaper but requires a lot more patience! I never did master the art of putting paint on my nails during school since we couldn’t wear it to school, so it was only after high school that I could finally let my nails grow and put some decent colour on them. Then, for different seasons, I would do different colours to match the season – Christmas being the best! A few years ago I did red and green, then red and white, then red, and last year was gold glitter. It’s far too addictive, but my collection is growing – it’s actually almost twice this, if not more! And I never seem to have enough colours!

Day 20 - Bird
Day 20 – Bird

Birds aren’t my favourite to photograph, probably because I didn’t really enjoy having them sit all over me when I fed them in the park in the UK. They’re beautiful creatures, light and quick and colourful, but I never seem to find a fondness for them. But when I wandered round the garden to find my subjects for this topic, I was joined by two noisy Bulbuls, who I think were highly annoyed by my presence. They shouted and tweeted and hopped around from branch to bird, pausing to watch me and cock their heads. I grabbed my shots while I could and left them to screech in peace, which they happily did for the next 30 minutes or so.

Day 22 - You (Me)
Day 22 – You (Me)

One of the few photographs of myself that has barely been edited. I definitely prefer to be behind the camera, I’m not a model and I sure don’t intend on being one any time soon. At least with self portraits, I get to be the judge of what I do, and I probably wouldn’t do well with someone trying to pose me and push the boundaries of my insecurities. So, unless it happens to be my boyfriend, I doubt anyone will ever get a decent shot of me, other than me!

Day 23 - Superhero
Day 23 – Superhero

My gran was and is my superhero. I think all grandmothers should be. While she did drive me mad with typical granny stuff, and sometimes I felt I was too cool to be babied or spoilt, she loved and cared for me regardless. To the point where she ran around behind me trying to feed me, when I apparently would not be fed. I’ll always remember her frikkadels, scotch pancakes, and eggs, bacon, sausages and homemade chips. It was the best! And I always remember mixing my peas with my mashed potatoes, which I still do to this day. She was a brilliant organist, she had an insanely good musical ear and mind, and she was the most loving woman on this planet. If I could grow up to be like any family member, I’d like to be like her.

Day 24 - New
Day 24 – New

A relatively new plant to our garden that constantly flowers, and it’s a nice addition, since our nasty neighbours had us chop down one of our beautiful old camphor trees. Since that loss, we’ve been putting in new flowers, plants and trees to help boost the now empty looking garden. I think this is a potato plant, not that it grows potatoes, but it’s some sort of relative. I don’t have much of a green thumb or brain, so I couldn’t possibly be sure if this is the truth or not!

Day 25 - Friday Night
Day 25 – Friday Night

I remember living for Friday nights just so we could go out and party. Drink, dance, laugh and be happy, and look back on Monday morning to think of the good times, and carry on living for the next Friday. Now, Fridays are a night to snuggle up and watch a movie, maybe visit friends, or go out for dinner. Stuff that doesn’t mean running around, jumping, dancing and working up a sweat! This particular Friday night was the opening of the movie Wreck-It Ralph, which we’ve been dying to see since early last year. So, we went off to Monte Casino – we got soaked on the way there on the bike! – and had a fabulously relaxed night. We went to the best burger place – Gourmet Garage – and sat upstairs on the balcony and watched people wandering around. Monte Casino for the non South Africans is a ‘leisure centre’ that mimics Monte Cassino in Rome. It’s definitely quite the spectacle, and if you don’t look up to the fake painted ceiling, you would almost think you weren’t in South Africa any more. So, we had a splendid supper and then thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and finished off with coffee from Seattle Coffee Co. It was a simple night, no partying, dancing or drinking, but it was happy, relaxed and perfect, and you can’t ask more than that!

Day 26 - A Person You Love
Day 26 – A Person You Love

I’ll never say no to a chance to photograph this wonderful person. He’s too photogenic for words, and he’s the most amazing and special man I’ve had the privilege of loving. He drives me crazy and keeps me sane at the same time, and I love him for doing so. I’d sit and carry on about every little thing about him that I love, but I’d be here all day and night. But he’s the best, and I’m so grateful for having someone so special like him in my life!




Day Nine

Day 9 - Flower
Day 9 – Flower

Which girl doesn’t like flowers? They’re beautiful to look at, smell wonderful, and if they survive long enough, they’re a sign that you’re not completely useless at everything. My Mum’s the green thumb in the family, and the closest I get to being a green thumb is walking in the garden and watering the plants when someone’s away. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love them. As with all things, I generally have a few favourites, and many others that I don’t really care for. I simply adore gerbera daisies, orchids, tulips and strelitzias. At least I know if I get married one day, choosing flowers won’t be difficult. Or cheap.

Yesterday I went round to my best friend, Sara, and picked up my birthday present, which was this stunning Moon Orchid. I’m in love with it, the colours and texture are simply stunning. And I just found out that a dried orchid genus is actually vanilla – so I’m doubly happy about that. I’m holding thumbs (hopefully green ones) that this will stay alive for a long time. I’ve got a hydrangea that’s lasted 9 years, so maybe this one will win too?

Orchid BTS
A quick behind-the-scenes of my shot for today. Coffee tables, dining chairs and yoga mats make for such marvellous DIY studio equipment. Add a reflector and some natural light, and it turns into a nice shot in the end.