Weekly Ginger Bites

In case you thought you were going crazy – no, there was no Ginger Bites from me last week. I’m still alive – thankfully! But I wasn’t feeling too alive last Friday. With the wedding expo happening, I was hoping to avoid being sick beforehand. But my body decided differently, so I spent far too many hours in the bathroom thanks to a nasty bout of gastro! Just what you need before a wedding expo, right?! Set up was on Friday, but instead of being at the venue at 12:00 to start setting up, we got there just after 15:00, and it took 4 long hours to set up the stand. Most of those 4 hours I spent either sitting, on the floor or lying down – I felt beyond dead! My incredible boyfriend did pretty much everything, like the super star he is! Thankfully, I felt a ton better the following morning (hence the reason I was a bit late) but the show went well and I can say I’ve learnt a lot from just 2 days! It pushed me out of my comfort zone, and I’m glad I did it. Now to see if it was worth it! 🙂

Today I’ll be going on a break from a bit of the madness that is my life – I’ll be off for a whole week! My brain isn’t too happy with this idea, but I know I need it. And when I’m back in the office, I’ll be able to tackle more work with a refreshed mind and loads more creativity! I’m really looking forward to it! So that means there won’t be a Ginger Bites next week either as I’ll actually be out of town, but I’ll have plenty to show you once I’m back in the saddle and ready to go!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, and until next week, here’s this week in links! Keep up with Facebook and Instagram to see what I do in between each Ginger Bites post!


Interesting Reads

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Good For A Laugh

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Sneezing baby hedgehogs are adorable!


My Faves

Fave Design: Dress Your Tech

Fave Song: Pop Danthology 2010 – 2014

Fave Recipe: Peanut Butter Fudge


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