Weekly Ginger Bites

Weekend is here – at last! Man, this past week has just been insane, I think it’s taken even longer than normal to get to Friday! This week I’ve made a couple of changes and planned for pretty much the rest of the year, which sounds crazy, but my calendar has a habit of filling up pretty fast! Firstly, I’m going to be taking a week off from the 3rd til the 10th of August! It’s been a super intense year for me, mentally and emotionally, and it hit me as I was lying in bed not being able to sleep for the umteenth night – I need a freakin’ break! So I’ll not be responding to any emails whatsoever, no phonecalls, nothing at all! It’ll help me to refocus, relax and find renewed energy to take on the next few months til the end of the year, since I don’t usually take that much time off over Christmas and New Year!

Secondly, I’m not taking on any new projects at all until September! With so many projects at the moment that have deadlines either towards the end of August or early September, I’d prefer to focus all my energy to my existing projects to get them completed. You can’t start one slice of cake unless you’ve finished one, right?! I do have some fabulous projects that I can’t wait to see completed and show them off to the world! 🙂 From 2Loan, BEST, Little Seahorses, Purple Mountain, SPL and more! To my existing clients – you’re getting all my love and energy! To anyone wanting to using me in the next few months – I promise it’ll be worth waiting until September for!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, and until next week, here’s this week in links! Keep up with Facebook and Instagram to see what I do in between each Ginger Bites post!


Interesting Reads

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Good For A Laugh

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My Faves

Fave Design: Dress Your Tech

Fave Song: Taylor Swift & Paramore Mashup – Bad Business

Fave Recipe: Low Carb, Gluten Free Dark Choc & PB Cake


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