Weekly Ginger Bites

You know that feeling when you’ve had too much of something – chocolate, coffee, alcohol, work?! That’s how the last week felt to me – just a little too much! I’m pretty sure the universe has heard me – it’s been a wonderfully quiet yet productive week!

At the end of last week, I was bordering on the edge of way-too-busy-and-overloaded-ness. I realised I needed to take a break, somehow, but couldn’t quite figure out how without turning people away. Instead, it seems everyone heard me and has given me a day or two of fewer emails and slightly relaxed deadlines. And I was exceedingly grateful for that! Usually around the middle of the year, I do try to make sure I don’t get burnt out, something I literally can’t afford to do now. I remember my first year at varsity where I was burnt out after just 2 terms – I learnt quickly how to stay on track. But a 7 week break between terms certainly helped – something I didn’t have at my first job. I’ve learnt, and am still learning, that its so important to put yourself first and not get too caught up with work. I make sure I have set hours – 8 to 5, Monday to Friday. I always take a lunch break. While I love the idea of going to the spa every month, that doesn’t happen, but giving myself the chance to pamper myself at home certainly helps. And of course, take a mini holiday whenever I can, even if it’s just a trip out of the city for a day.

There are times when the universe doesn’t allow me all these pleasures, but it does seem to know when too much is too much. So, I’ve really enjoyed this week, and I’m hoping it’s given me enough of a break to carry on for a while! I will be having a real holiday in a few weeks time for our anniversary, which I really can’t wait for! Until then, I’ll just keep on keeping on, say they say! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, and until next week, here’s this week in links! Keep up with Facebook and Instagram to see what I do in between each Ginger Bites post!


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Good For A Laugh

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My Faves

Fave Design: Dress Your Tech

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Fave Recipe: No-Bake Chubby Hubby Bars



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