Weekly Ginger Bites

You know it’s winter when you can barely feel your typing fingers, or your right hand from using the tablet! It’s been a busy week in my office, I never thought I would be this busy with some fantastic clients! Wow!

2 weekends ago I managed to spend a Sunday afternoon at a horse show, and took a few photos. For me, it’s the perfect combo to relax – horses and photography. Plus, it was the beautiful new arena launch at Shepherd’s Fold Stables, which was amazing. Those views are absolutely beautiful, and I can’t say enough about it! It’s great for riders and spectators alike, so I’ll hopefully be going to more and more in the future!




Last weekend I took part in my very first RC race, and it was so much more intense than I realised! I’m not a naturally good competitor by nature, the stress gets to me and freaks me out to the point where I’d much rather curl into a little ball and sleep! So for me to take part in a race was incredibly challenging on that part of me, and it pushed a lot of buttons. I did well in the end, with a few hiccups, and finished second in my race overall! And to top it all off, my boyfriend his race as well, and it was his first time competing in this kind of racing. It was a mega learning experience, but as they say, if you fall off the horse, you have to get back on it and keep going!



On Monday I started with the launch of Qotho’s new website, which we had some trouble with due to the host being, well, useless. I won’t name any names right now, but let’s say that they really need to pull their socks up. Thankfully the site went live, and we could all breathe a sigh of relief! With Tuesday being Youth Day, I took a relaxed day as best as I could, in fact, it was so relaxed that I don’t honestly remember what I did! Must’ve been good! I’ve been working with 2Loan on some new marketing posters, as well as some detailed custom poster calendars and notepads for Gemini Promotions. Also, I launched BEST’s new logo on my website, and I’ll hopefully be loading more work from them in the near future!

I’m also working super hard in the background on my photography website and prepping for a wedding expo in July. It’s so easy to get wrapped up with my normal work that I need to focus myself on getting everything ready well ahead of time. It’s a huge show, and being my first one, I am actually pretty nervous, but I’m hoping it’ll be a ton of fun and a good learning experience!

With all of that, I still have a ton of work to do! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, and until next week, here’s this week in links! Keep up with Facebook and Instagram to see what I do in between each Ginger Bites post!


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