Weekly Ginger Bites

Winter is totally officially here in Joburg! This weather has been so nice to us that I knew we were gonna have it bad when it happened. And it sure is bad – this icy air and freezing wind is awful! It sure doesn’t make me want to get out of bed in the mornings!


So, my workload has pretty much exploded in the last week or so, which is fantastic. I’ve recently started doing all the design for a local loan business called 2Loan, from posters to business cards and more. I love having long term customers, it’s like making friends, but in a professional capacity. It’s also great to deal with the same people, you form a relationship that’s totally different from another customer, and it makes me feel ever so blessed! As well as 2Loan, I’ve also started working with Gemini Promotions, doing their corporate calendar designs & overprints, which has been fun and a bit of a learning experience. And, in more exciting news – remember the photos of the boxes I posted a while ago? Well, the brand is being launched tonight, and I’ll finally be able to show everyone what I’ve been doing! Next week I’ll be launching a new logo design and two new websites for local laboratory companies, so keep your eyes peeled! Things really have been flying here, and I’m loving it! Apart from the icy cold office (it’s currently 12 degrees centigrade in here) it’s making me incredibly grateful for every single customer I have! If you’re one of them, then here’s a mega thank you from me!

So, having had a rather busy week, I haven’t spent all that much time browsing the web unless I’m actually working, which means I’m not really browsing! So I’ve gathered what I could find, but it’s definitely been a quieter week on the interwebs for me! Hopefully next week will be a more colourful one!

Have a fantastic week everyone, here’s this week in links! Keep up with Facebook and Instagram to see what I do in between each Ginger Bites post!


Interesting Reads

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Good For A Laugh

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My Faves

Fave DIY: Marbling for Everything!
Fave Album: Punk Goes Pop Vol 6

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