Weekly Ginger Bites

Wishing all my fellow South Africans a very happy Worker’s Day today! We’ve had quite a few public holidays lately, but I’m sure many of us are trying to make the most of them while we can! I was secretly hoping to have a mini getaway this weekend, but before you know it, it’s Tuesday and nothing’s been planned, and everything is booked! So, it’s going to be a wonderfully chilled day I hope, we might go and get some froyo from my favourite shop – Marcel’s! I’ve never been interested in trying any other froyo after Marcel’s – their froyo is so smooth, creamy, tons of flavour and you get such a huge serving every time! Plus, they’ve been so good to me, I’ve won vouchers from them, free tickets to the Good Food & Wine Show, with free froyo! Seriously guys, if you haven’t tried it, do yourself a favour and get some! 🙂

Yesterday we spent pretty much all day without power (roughly 10.5 hours), and the previous day we had no internet thanks to some issues with Seacom. To say this week has been a tad unproductive is rather an understatement! 😦 But I’ll be making it up to you next week with some special goodies for Mother’s Day! I’ll be releasing several sets of printables during the week, and I can’t wait! Here’s a tiny preview of what I was working on – these printables are going to be jam-packed with awesomeness!


Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend long weekend, and until next week, here’s this week in links!


Interesting Reads

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This Photographer Created Super Realised Tilt-Shift Images Of Van Gogh’s Works
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Good For A Laugh

This Is What You Get When You Ask For Photoshop Help!
These Notes To Thieves Are Awesome!
Amy Schumer’s Doing it Again!

My Faves

Fave Laughs: Need Some Cheesey Jokes?
Fave Baking Site: Cleobuttera
Fave Instagram Account: The Mertailor (yes, he makes mermaid tails!)
Fave Video: Cape Town Time Lapse During Load Shedding


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