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It feels like time is seriously flying at the moment – I swear it was like the middle of summer just yesterday! Sigh! The snow is starting to fall in the mountains in the Drakensberg – for us in Joburg, that means cold is on the way! It’s pretty chilly now, especially in the mornings, when I really need my long pants, socks and boots to keep me warm! And if you don’t drink your coffee in 5 minutes, it will be cold! But, I know that I’ll blink and it’ll be spring again! 🙂

This time last week I was packing for a little break away to the Pilanesburg – and what fun it was! We made it there just after sunset – driving through random patches of rain and seeing the most beautiful views of sun bursting through the clouds!

IMG-20150416-WA0029-15 IMG-20150416-WA0025-14

We settled into our little chalet with a game of snakes and ladders, and some mac n cheese! With a late start the next morning, we had a late breakfast, with another game of Snakes and Ladders outside – this particular one is seriously tricky, some games took almost an hour! Sitting on the patio, staring into the distance with a cup of coffee was just amazing.

DSC_4447-2 DSC_4450-3 DSC_4454-5 DSC_4459-7

It was nice and overcast on Saturday, which was perfect for us to see the animals, as you’re more likely to see them wandering around than if it was super hot. I’m not much of a landscape photographer, but I really love being able to remember a particular view that took my breath away. Something like this.


We drove around, and saw some insane sights – including a fresh kill from a small pack of lions. We initially came across 2 wildebeest, one was very on edge and unhappy – after finding the kill, we figured why. I’m not great with death (actually pretty phobic!) so I felt so sorry for the poor wildebeest who had just become lunch. :(We got stuck behind a car that wanted to take 15 minutes for photos on their smartphones – so we endured the heartwrenching sounds of lunch.

DSC_4470-12 DSC_4479-16 DSC_4481-17 DSC_4486-20 DSC_4524-24 DSC_4536-27

We then saw a happy elephant playing in Mankwe Dam, having such fun, throwing water all over himself, and falling back into the water. It was adorable – from a distance at least! I suggested heading off to the Mankwe hide, where it’s wonderfully quiet and peaceful. To our surprise, we came across another 2 families of elephants on the other side of the dam! One family promptly ran in the other direction once they’d seen some cars, and then others were rather happy to snack on the trees right by the entrance of the hide parking. The last shot was taken through the back window of the car by my boyfriend – this guy was probably less than 10m away! I kept moving at a slow pace til we were safe – definitely didn’t want to piss these guys off!

DSC_4552-30 DSC_4566-32 DSC_4568-33 DSC_4578-36 DSC_4584-38 DSC_4586-39 DSC_4593-42 DSC_4600-46

We spotted a rhino on the other side of the dam, so after consulting the map, we thought we might have a chance of finding him. After a rather long bumpy drive, we realised my calculations were off, and we’d completely missed him! We did manage to see some ostrich, warthogs and kudu!

DSC_4613-48 DSC_4624-51 DSC_4640-55 DSC_4648-57

We made our way back to the chalet, had a lovely chilled braai (or a barbeque for you overseas folk) and watched the guinea fowl, eland and kudu wander past our patio! We even had a small invasion of guinea fowl – they’re pretty loud when they’re right in front of you! But they soon realised we weren’t going to feed them, and they wandered off. It’s much cooler at night now, so we sat inside and enjoyed several episodes of New Girl – something I’m trying to get my boyfriend to watch more of because I love it!

DSC_4660-62 DSC_4667-66

Our drive home was a slow and relaxed one, where we stopped off at Pick A Pancake for some lunch, and then I took the scenic route home through the Rhino & Lion Park – where we spotted giraffe, lion and a white tiger! Quite the sight!

20150412_113250-820150412_135439-13 20150412_135212-12 20150412_135054-11 20150412_134911-10

It was a wonderful weekend break, and it was another occasion where we were reminded how important it is to take a break from routine and city life!

This weekend I’ll be off shooting a wedding at a little medieval-styled venue – it should be great fun! If you made it through all of that – well done! Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend, and until next week, here’s this week in links!


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