Weekly Ginger Bites

2015 is here -and January is almost over! Whut?! I know my first Ginger Bites was meant to be last week, but some family things came up that meant my mind wasn’t in the right place to think about links or pretty much anything else. Things aren’t much easier, but I’m slowly learning to cope with it all. All part of growing older ain’t it?

As with all new years, everyone makes some resolutions that they never really stick to – I’m totally guilty of that! But this year I’m going to get fitter, so I’ve been working out 5 days a week with the most fantastic playlist (check out my fave song below, it’s the greatest workout song). I’m also going to work harder, but find something fun to do on the weekends, and I’m going to learn Welsh! Yes! I’ve always wanted to, and now I’m going to commit thanks to a handy little app and some old books that are super basic and easy. Watch this space!

After I had a small holiday for my birthday, and a week off to get set up for the new year of work, I was rather excited to get back to work! I missed my clients and projects and it’s great to be back! I’ve got some exciting projects already, and I can’t wait to see what this year holds for TGC!

Until next week, here’s this week in links!


Interesting Reads

Follow Your Passion, And Your Clients Will Too
2015 Web Trends – Get Excited!
I Love This Pilot’s Explaination of His Job
So You Think You Know Graphic Design?


Good For A Laugh

Barbie’s Lost The Plot!
Disney Princesses Perfectly Summed Up Your Night Out
My Favourite Viral Video – Who Wouldn’t Want Maroon 5 To Crash Their Wedding?

My Faves

Fave Song: PopLove 3 Mashup – Best Workout Song!
Fave Design: Fabulous Handlettered Cards
Fave Recipe: Nutella Fudge (need I say more?!)




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