Weekly Ginger Bites

Just a few weeks remaining of 2014 – where has it all gone? Oh my goodness! I can feel everyone around starting to get that year-end exhaustion, everyone’s so eager to go on holiday and relax til the new year show it’s face! I know I am, even if it means sitting on a deck chair by the pool all day! A break is a break, right?

This week I launched my very first set of printables ever – it was a tad nerve wracking, to say the least! I started working on them in August – yes, only 4 months! It’s a bit scary sending your hard work into the abyss that is the internet, but I can only hope there will be a few people who will enjoy them!

Tonight I’ll be going to see the Lipizzaners again for their Carols by Candlelight performance with the Welsh Male Voice Choir! I haven’t seen them in years, but being half Welsh, I can’t wait! And speaking of music, I stumbled upon an incredibly talented composer called Tony Anderson. He did the music for the Northern Lights video in one of my links below, but be sure to check out his work on SoundCloud. It’s mostly instrumentals, but it’s very ethereal, cinematic and beautiful. Finding new music makes doing work a whole new kind of fun!

Keep an eye out on my Instagram for photos of the next few days, I’m sure there will be plenty! Until next week, here’s this week in links!


Interesting Reads

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Good For A Laugh

Disney Princess Rap Battle – Elsa vs Snow White
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My Faves

Fave Freebies: Glam & Watercolour Gift Label Printables
Fave Recipe: Christmas Tree Cupcakes
Fave DIY: DIY Colourful Ornaments



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