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Another week has come and gone – but it’s been an intense one! After much debating and thinking, I bought my first car! It was an exciting and nerve wracking experience, but it was totally worth it! It still feels super surreal to know that I have a car again – I don’t have to put off going out anymore! For those reading this overseas, we don’t have safe roads and great public transport to use. Our taxis aren’t efficient, on time, or safe. Busses are possibly the best option, but they’re also not on time or maintained well. And our glorious Gautrain system only takes you from Johannesburg to Pretoria, not much in between. So now you understand my utter excitement about getting a car again!

I’m slowly winding down for the year, and I can feel the end is near! I’m looking forward to seeing all the work I’ve done this year, and how much I’ve grown in my first year on my own. Does anyone else do that – look back at the year’s achievements? I find it’s a great way to end off the year, even if it feels like it’s been a rough one, you have to see the good in it sometimes!

Well, I think that’s it! I still haven’t started shopping yet – eeek! But I think I’ll be making more gift wrap next week (check out this post to see how) and just enjoying the little bits of summer we’re having!

Until next week, here’s this week in links!


Interesting Reads

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Good For A Laugh

When People Park Like Idiots, Leave Them One Of These…
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My Faves

Fave song: The Hanging Tree From Mockingjay Part 1
Fave DIY: Make Your Own Awesome Wrapping Paper!
Fave Freebies: December & Christmas Wallpapers
Fave Recipe: Easy Microwave Fudge



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