Weekly Ginger Bites

It’s been a quiet week here at TGC base – my first official week off from au pairing, plus my boyfriend started a new job, so it’s been eerily silent here! I thought I’d get a whole bunch of things done, but in reality, I’ve mostly been getting my life and my business organised for the end of the year. The last few projects have been set in place, once they’re complete then I’ll officially be on holiday! Not that there’s been much of a summer to enjoy really, it’s been raining more than shining here. And with only a few short weeks to Christmas, I’ve given in and started my Christmas designs! I just hope I won’t be over-Christmassed by the time Christmas finally arrives!

Until next week, here’s this week in links!


Interesting Reads

Awesome No BS Bounce Explained
This Sign Will Make You Think Twice When A Train Passes
Approach Your New Project This Way
Local Fourways Drama – The Escape Of The Balloon!


Good For A Laugh

The Naughtiest Horse In The East!
HazMat Data Sheet – Man vs Woman
When You’re Drunk and Trying To Get Someone’s Attention

My Faves

Fave App: Awesome Live Christmas Tree App (Android)
Fave Recipe: Chocolate Brownie Flapjacks
Fave Song: Echosmith – Cool Kids
Fave DIY: Easy Eraser Stamps


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