Weekly Ginger Bites

This past week feels like Summer has up and left us, leaving lots of rain, heavy clouds and storms with us! It’s been pretty miserable and cold, reminding me of the many English summers I experienced when I went to visit family. I always packed my winter clothes to the UK, very rarely did I get to wear a dress or shorts or t-shirts! It was just too dang cold! I do love our glorious hot summers here in SA, with cloudless skies, blistering heat, and lots of suncream!

My days have been a tad ludicrously busy, mostly due to the au pairing I’m doing at the moment. I’m also on the lookout for a new car – my first HUGE purchase, so I’m excited and terrified at the same time! I’m finishing up a few cool projects this week, one of which I caught a fresh design wave and came up with something pretty cool – I can’t wait to show it to you! And I’m hoping to get into the festive spirit soon and possibly do some fun DIY things for Christmas, because I love making my own cards and wrapping paper. So keep your eyes peeled on FB and Instagram during the week!

Until next week, here’s this week in links!


Interesting Reads

Incredible Photos of Earth’s Favourite Astronaut
Stop Doing & Start Creating
Tackle Your Website’s Weaknesses
Live In The Present

Good For A Laugh

This Husky Does Not Want To Go Home!
Keep Your Cats Organised With These Handy Tips
Evolution? Or Photoshop? Check Out These Freaky New Animal Species
A Quick Fix For Stress

My Faves

Fave Design: Beautiful Watercolour & Gold Invitation Designs
Fave DIY: Advent Calendar With Tins!
Fave Website: Check Out This Brilliantly Functional Clothing Store
Fave Freebies: Dress Your Tech

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