Weekly Ginger Bites

Gosh, if you’re here in SA, you’ll have heard about the massive dust storm that moved from Bloemfontein to Johannesburg. Everything is now covered in a fine layer of dust, and the temperature has dropped to almost winter temps – what is going on Summer?! At least I get to work inside, but I do miss sitting outside in the sunshine while working on my projects. None of that’s happening now – otherwise I’ll be sandblasted AND frozen!

I’ve had an influx of lovely new projects that I’m having so much fun working on – including my third baking logo of the year! I can’t wait to show you the final products soon! You can also check up and see all my latest completed projects on my website, including the brand new shiny logo for a local band called You, Me and the Harmony. Have a looksie, and keep your eye out on my site or on Facebook for reveals of new designs!

Until next week, here’s this week in links!

Interesting Reads

This Squeezable Colour Lightbulb Is Too Epic For Words!
Why Photography Is An Important Part Of Web Design
6 Questions Every HomePage Should Answer
Can We AutoCorrect Humanity?
A Ginger Goes Makeup-Free For A Week!

Good For A Laugh

A Travel Agency Advert That’s So Terrible, You Have To Laugh!
How Do You Read A Book Without Pictures To Kids? This Is How!
 The Worst Way To Prank Your Cat-Loving Girlfriend (No Animals Were Harmed In The Filming of This!)
Hilarious Halloween Scarecrow Prank!

My Faves

Fave DIY: Calligraphic Gift Tags
Fave Downloads: Dress Your Tech
Fave Font: Reis
Fave WordPress Theme: Fruitful



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