Weekly Ginger Bites

Oh, summer had finally arrived! And I’m so glad! Here in Joburg we usually have a snap from winter to spring/summer, but this year it’s felt like Winter just wanted to hang around a bit longer. Now we just need those late afternoon thunderstorms to complete summer’s transformation!

After having had a mad month of everything going wrong, things are finally back on track. No more sick people in hospital, my car is getting fixed, I’m getting some exciting new projects, and I’ve had a week’s break from au pairing so I’m getting more sleep! 20 minutes can seriously make a difference! I’m getting more organised with these weekly posts, and looking forward to being more active and social media too! If I’m pretty quiet on Facebook, you can always find me on Instagram! Until then, here’s this week in a whole bunch of links!


Interesting Reads

Supercards for Superheros!
5 Tips for New Business Owners
These Recoloured Historical Photographs are Mesmerising!
Thanks For Not Believing In Me!

Good For A Laugh

Meet Grumpy Cat’s Angry Cousin
50 Most Perfectly Timed Photos
Epic Halloween Houselights!
A Guide To Dressage – Eddie Izzard Style


My Faves

Fave DIY: Festive Wrapping Paper
Fave Halloween Recipe: Mummy Pizza
Fave Video: Why Not Paying Your Sound Engineer Is A Bad Idea
Fave Song: God Only Knows – BBC Star Collaboration


And to end it all off, here’s a goat. Because goats are awesome!


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