Weekly Ginger Bites

This week’s Ginger Bites are here! I’m getting more organised, and less forgetful. I’m also on a little break from some extra running around that I do, which means there’s a tiny bit more space in my brain for thinking! I can’t believe October is here – and that means one of my favourite seasons is around the corner. Halloween! We don’t do as much celebrating as the US or UK do, but our group of friends appreciate the chance to dress up and go wild! Do you have any Halloween traditions, or do you just avoid it at all costs?

I’d love to hear from you guys about what you think about this weekly bites post – is there anything you’d like to see? Or not see? Any and all feedback would be marvellous! Alright, onto the links for the week! Have a fabulous weekend folks!


Interesting Reads

October Instagram Challenge? Go!
Print Design ♥ UX Design
When People Tell You That They Love What You Do – Believe Them!
12 Secrets for Unlocking Creativity

Good For A Laugh

Seriously Epic Halloween Costumes – All DIY!
Taking Your Kid’s Insults Like A Pro
Flying Singapore Airlines At $23 000!
Scammers Get A Taste Of Their Own Medicine


My Faves

Fave Designs: OhSoBeautiful’s Desktop Downloads
Fave Halloween Goodies For Your Tech: Spooktackular Wallpapers
Fave DIY: Paper Triangle Light Garlands
Favourite Font: Louvre



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