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Weekly Ginger Bites

I totally almost forgot to post this week’s Ginger Bites – it’s only been a week and I’m struggling! But I didn’t forget totally, I’ve just had a ton on my plate with sick family members, sick cars, and working through projects. And, I managed to do something stupid to my hips and back, so I’m hobbling around looking like an old lady – time to go see the chiro! It has been a busy week, so here is this week’s things


Interesting Reads:

Freakin’ Sweet Instagram Redesign Concept
Makers vs Markers
Polaroid’s Adorable Cube Video Camera
How Beautiful Are These Handdrawn Logos?


Good For A Laugh:

Unusual Ballet Performance
Calming Cat TricksA Guide To Windows 95 – With Jennifer Anniston and Matthew Perry

My Faves:

Fave freebies: Printable Watercolour Table Numbers
Fave font: Blaze & Radley
Fave Song: Imagine Dragons – Warriors
Fave Website: Design Seeds

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