Weekly Ginger Bites

I’m really bad at updating my blog – and it’s time to change that! One thing I do love is reading a weekly blog of bits and pieces, links from around the web, or a blogger’s favourite something. I thought I’d do a weekly post with my favourite links of the week, and any new favourite things like fonts, resource packs, wallpapers, freebies or anything that I think you might enjoy! Here goes – have a great weekend!


Interesting Reads:

 5 Biggest Logo Designs of August 2014
Reading Books Is Actually Healthy For You!
A Great Alternative To The Term ‘One-Stop-Shop’


Good For A Laugh:

Hilarious Halloween Inspiration!
Brain-Dead Teen, Only Capable Of Rolling Eyes And Texting, To Be Euthanized
Jimmy Kimmel at Fashion Week
Don’t Ask A Designer To Help Make A Poster For Your Lost Cat

My Faves:

Fave Song: Pharrel – Come Get It Bae
Fave DIY: Super Easy Ombre Nails
Fave Recipe: Nigella’s 1 Step No-Churn Coffee Ice Cream
Fave Design: Beautiful Cloud-Inspired Watercolour Wallpapers

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