Techno Weddings

I’ve been itching to relate my wedding photography to my design work for a long time now. Weddings are formal and fun, but people rarely think of them as having any kind of technological aspect to them. That’s why I’m pretty excited to showcase some brilliant ideas I’ve seen on the web for a while now, and hope you might consider them if you’re getting married soon, and love technology and design as much as I do.

It may seem a bit over the top, but it’s actually a really great way to let your guests have all the information handy without having to carry an invitation around. While wedding stationery will never lose it’s place at a wedding, you can have a website or app to that can double up as an invitation, or just something interesting that’ll make your wedding unique. If you love technology, can’t keep your phone out of your hand, and have a group of friends who are just the same, then this may be for you!

Wedding websites are a great at having all the information right there. Guests can RSVP either via email or online as a user, you can send out usernames and passwords with invitations. You can include things on your website or app such as:

  • Your story
  • Your colour scheme
  • Wedding registries
  • Accommodation and things to do for guests who are travelling
  • Links to your suppliers that you’re using on the day
  • Directions to the church and venue
  • Wedding day timeline

Websites are great for storing lots of wedding day information in one place. Make sure it’s simple to use, and well designed. Use photos from your engagement shoot and co-ordinate with your stationery designer to keep the style and colours of your wedding – it’s an extension of your day, so make sure it fits in! There are many simple ways to build your own website! If you’re the DIY type, or have a experience in building websites, you can get great themes and customise them from WordPress. If you want something stylish, quick and easy, use a wedding website host. And if you’d rather leave it to the professionals, find a web designer in your area to help you create one.

A wedding app is a simplified wedding website. They’re great for having small bits of information that go hand-in-hand with your invites. They’re much easier to create and manage from your phone, tablet or PC. It’s something different, so make sure your guests are comfortable with using an app, if you have any technophobes that might not gel with this idea, a website is a great way to go. Learn more about creating your own app with Appy Couple here!

Be sure to check out some of these beautiful examples of wedding websites and apps out there. Click on an image to go the the full website.

Feeling inspired and want one of your own? Pop me a message – let’s see what magic we can work!





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