Getting Back In The Game

Gosh, can you believe that January is already gone?! I have a feeling this year is going to fly by, I may as well start buying Christmas gifts already!

This past weekend was fun and interesting, something we haven’t done in ages. On Friday we went to our favourite local hangout, Monte Casino, for dinner. For once it wasn’t my suggestion, so I was pretty excited! We then went for some ten-pin bowling, because it’s a whole lot of fun, even if you do suck at it! We had some people join our game and they were pretty interesting and fun! It reminded me of how being spontaneous is actually a good thing! We then wandered around, grabbed some drinks and headed home through an intense storm and torrential rain. On Sunday we headed out at some crazy early hour to an RC car track for a day of racing. Yes. Racing RC cars. It sounds funny, but you should try it! These guys are seriously passionate and dedicated, friendly and knowledgeable too, and happy to help. We hit a few hiccups before the main race, and hit even more hiccups as the race started, but it was a ton of fun!



I’m starting this week with early mornings as I’m ferrying my boyfriend’s cousins around to and from school. I’ve never been an early morning person, but I can manage it as long as long as there is coffee! I’m also meeting a few people this week that might turn into some new and interesting projects, so holding thumbs it will all go well! And one exciting thing happened yesterday – my photo for Day 27 made it into the Top 10 for Nikon South Africa’s Facebook page! 🙂 It was one of the nominations for their Fan Photo Cover images, but sadly the composition didn’t work out. However, being a nomination was an honour in itself, so I’m a happy bunny!


At last, I caught up on the last few shots for the month and eagerly awaited the new themes for the month. They were a bit delayed, so I have some catching up to do today, but those will be up by the end of the week. This month seems to be very love-themed, but don’t expect tons of pinks and reds from me. I’m a hopeless romantic, but not to that extent. So I’ll make it interesting, not too lovey-dovey, cus not all of us can handle it!


Day 29 – Water Droplets


Day 30 – Mint

031_In_The_CornerDay 31 – In The Corner

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