I Am An Artist. I Am A Creative.

I’m a big fan of the incredibly talented photographer Benjamin Von Wong. He has this insane talent of being able to visualise something from scratch and then make it happen. It’s just insane. Recently, one of his sponsoring companies did this video on his work and one shoot in particular, and he said something that struck a chord. So much so that I felt the need to create something – albeit simple – for it.

benjamin von wong being creative quote the ginger creative

His words have pretty much summed me and my beliefs up. I cannot imagine a day where I wasn’t creative in some manner, and I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t creative. I started studying something I thought I loved. I then changed to something else I thought I loved. I left university thinking I knew what I loved. This past year at my first job taught me what I love – that it was, in fact, not what I thought it was, but so much more. Leaving my job to go freelance full time scared me at first, but it just made sense. I knew that I needed to create, to make things, to combine and make something new and different and something that expresses me. It makes me want to jump around, to smile until my face hurts, until the butterflies in my stomach float me away. Creating – designing – it’s a way of life, it’s how I function. It’s probably the way my heart beats, my synapses connect and my lungs open and close. And getting the chance to do that every single day – function as I should – is truly special.

If you can look inside yourself and match what your day to day activities are to who you are inside, then you’re lucky. We don’t all get that opportunity. We’re not all able to follow our dreams – wait, we most likely are able to follow our dreams. It takes a helluva lot of courage to do so, it’s incredibly daunting to step away from something you know. But, if you can do it, then do it. If you don’t you’ll never know what could happen. And only you can find out – you can’t ask someone else to find out for you.

Call me naive, call me crazy, call me stupid, call me anything you like. But I know that you can call me happy, and you can call me a creative any day!

Quote: Benjamin Von Wong – Image: Dana Cato – Texture:Ā Flashy on Tumblr

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