Oh Summer!

The past few days have been the most wonderful summer days! Beautiful blue skies, with the occasional fluffy white cloud flitting across before it fizzled and faded in the heat. The gentlest breeze to dissipate the unbearable heat. Iced coffees, ice cream and ice-cold juice. This is what summer is made of! I’m a summer baby, having been born in January, and I love the heat. In fact, the hotter the better. Having worked in an chilly 20 degrees centigrade office space, my body would automatically shut down to keep me warm. Trust me, I get cold easily – anything less than 25 degrees is cold for me. That would explain why I adored the 40 degree plus heat in Dubai all those years ago. Bliss!

Thankfully, in this heat I can really enjoy working. With the study door open and the fan going, I can look outside, see some blue sky, and work away. I’m not really missing anything – just some sunburn! This past week I started working on my official website, which is coming together quite nicely, and I’m hoping it’ll be up and running on Friday! Going through all the projects I’ve completed has really brought back some good memories, and reminds me why I love what I do. 🙂


Over the past week, I’ve also been continuing my photo-a-day challenges. Some where a little more challenging, but others were fun. We had a horde of thousands of white butterflies flying from the south west, and it was beautiful to watch! I made my own DIY bokeh shape to create ‘square’ bokeh. I poured an entire tube of gold glitter onto fabric, photographed it, and realised what a mission it was going to be to clean it up! Lint rollers ftw! I had a brief episode of sounding like a nutter, walking around trying to find something with the letter ‘R’ in it. I looked crazy. I cheated and used an old photo – since strawberries aren’t in season here, and I wasn’t paying a fortune for some local ones. I reminisced an old tree. Reminisced about the good ol’ times of playing pretend. Watched butterflies. Photographed the most photographed tree in our garden, but just the leaves, no spring flowers this time. That was my week in photos – hope you enjoy them!


Day 4 – Snack Time. Who can resist warm crumpets slathered with butter until it melts and gets absorbed? Yum.


Day 5 – Square. My attempt at ‘square’ bokeh. It was a ton of fun, perhaps I’ll try this again!


Day 6 – Favourite Colour. Needless to say, it’s gold and purple. I can’t resist the allure of gold glitter.


Day 7 – The Letter ‘R’. I cut out glitter-foam letters that said ‘Toy Run 2013’ and stuck them on the bike during the run. Good memories.


Day 8 – Strawberries. This one I had to cheat on. Strawberries aren’t in season, and I wasn’t going to pay nearly R40 for a punnet! Besides, I really like this photo, and never got to share it before.


Day 9 – Wood. This was a giant camphor tree in our garden. Was. Unfortunately it was wrongfully cut down when our neighbours complained about their gutters being full of leaves, but failed to mention it was another tree. Needless to say, I don’t like them anymore.


Day 10 – Fishing. With no seaside for fishing, and no point in going to fishing farms for lack of experience in fishing, I turned to my childhood imagination of fishing in the swimming pool.


Day 11 – Black and White. Thousands of these beauties descended upon our garden, and it was so mesmerising to watch and photograph them on the lavender flowers.


Day 12 – Jagged. This tree is usually photographed for it’s stunning spring blossoms, and I’ve never noticed their beautiful jagged leaves before, until now.

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