Freelancing Frenzies

I didn’t think I’d be this busy since I started freelancing – and thank goodness I have all my time dedicated to it, otherwise I’d be in a padded cell trying to juggle a full-time job and my freelance work!

Last week I got my ducks in a row and organised all my projects. On Thursday morning, I headed out to Shepherd’s Fold Stables to get shots for their website for the trail rides they offer. The weather was iffy, and as soon as we’d walked out the house, the rain came down! But our spirits weren’t damped, so we headed out to take photos, regardless of the weather. Thankfully, everything was a beautiful bright green and the cloudy skies were dramatic, making for some beautiful views! Mounting a GoPro camera to a rider’s helmet gave me some fantastic shots from the rider’s perspective. Thanks to Belinda and Vicky for organising the morning, and to Clare for being my fabulous second photographer and videographer!

Shepherds Fold Trail Rides
Shepherds Fold Trail Rides
Shepherds Fold Trail Rides
Shepherds Fold Trail Rides
Shepherds Fold Trail Rides
Shepherds Fold Trail Rides

On Saturday I had a short notice wedding to cover with a friend of mine, and it went rather well, despite a lack of communication and organisation. They were the happiest couple I’ve ever photographed, and wish I’d had more time with them! I’ll hopefully be blogging their wedding on my FireFlight Photography blog in the next few weeks.

On Sunday, I went back to the stables to work with another client, but this was fun and crazy all at the same time! Hello Pony is having a shiny new website made, and some lovely new product photos taken. Their gorgeous, funky and colourful equine tack & rider gear is to die for – I wish I was still riding! 🙂 When I arrived, the rain was pelting down, and the horses and ponies brought in from crazy lightning, thunder and rain. Soggy ponies and rain didn’t look promising for the shoot! Miraculously, the rain moved over and left us with some lovely light and everything looking fresh and clean. Today I’m photographing all their products individually, and I’ve got a ton of adorable kids and ponies to edit. Watch this space for lots of colour and cuteness from Hello Pony!

The Ginger Creative Instagram Hello Pony Photoshoot Sunset

And on today’s agenda, I’m finalising the calendar for Shepherd’s Fold Stables, and I’m really excited to see how it comes out! I did one for them last year, and while we had some printer issues, we got some great results. This year is a little different, but will be sure to give everyone a giggle each month. 🙂 I’m a bit old school, and perhaps backwards, when it comes to prepping files for print. Especially with calendars, I’ll always print things out, cut them up, organise them and glue them back together. Once I’m certain of my layout, then I’ll go prep files for print. It’s not my favourite, but it’s certainly worth it.

The Ginger Creative Instagram Shepherd's Fold Stables 2014 Calendar

The rest of my month is going to be insane – I have a huge styled wedding shoot this Sunday for my FireFlight Photography, then the following weekend I’ll be going on our annual charity bike ride The Toy Run, and the following weekend I’m photographing a baby shower. And then it goes into December! It’s a tad draining, but exciting, and I’m loving every moment of what I’m doing! So keep your eyes peeled! If you’d like to keep even more up to date with me, check out my Facebook Page and ‘like’ it!

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