The Beginning

the ginger creative new beginnings


Today’s the start of and end, and a new beginning. Yesterday was my last day at my full time job, which makes today the beginning of my adventure as a freelancer. Again. But this time, it’s official! I’m focusing purely on design, any kind of design, something I can do every day, and just be creative with every new project that comes my way. It’s going to be exciting!

I’m already missing my daily routine at work, the greetings, waiting ages for my PC to turn on, the friendly faces, the coffee, the ringing phones and the sales people. Yup, I’m missing it all. I just couldn’t stay, knowing my future would be less creative and more marketing focused. It’d be much more beneficial for them to have someone focused on marketing only, and I’ll be able to add to my portfolio again.

Thankfully, I’ll still be doing freelance design for them, and still keep my own freelance clients going. I love love *love* my freelance clients, so it’s going to be great to keep in touch with them again! And I’m excited for new clients, meeting new people and having new design adventures to go on. Yay! I’ll also get to grown my little brand with the new marketing experience I’ve had, so be prepared to see more exciting things coming soon! Oh it’s all so exciting!

Here’s to an exciting new future, and we’ll see where it leads us!


Need a designer? Send me an email and let’s see what magic we can make!




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