Of All The Purple Things

This was a rather fun challenge, even though I couldn’t decide what to photograph since I have way too many purple things. Several years ago I went into the colour scheme mode of blues and browns, and about 3 years ago I moved over to purple. I’ve got so many things, including dresses, corsets, earrings, nail polish, silk flowers, makeup and my best is my bright purple gym ball/office chair. Since then, I’ve managed to accumulate so much purple in my room – and my walls haven’t been painted yet! At least I managed to go get some paint swatches last week, so I’m a small step closer to painting it, but when that might happen, who knows.

Day 16 - Purple
Day 16 – Purple


With this shot, I tried to channel my wedding photography skills and treat the earrings like those I would photograph along with rings, other jewellery, shoes and dresses. It took a while, because while I was looking for something bright and a little more high-key, I suddenly found how much I loved this shot with the dark greens and browns in the background, and the bokeh has to be my favourite. I am quite proud of this shot, and I hope you like it too!

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