My #nikonphotoaday challenge topic for today was opposites.

Whenever I get a topic that doesn’t immediately strike an idea in my head, I walk around the house, muttering and picking up objects and staring into the distance. Sometimes it works, and other times I just look daft. Today was more of the latter. I grabbed all my gear and plonked it in the living room, and then stopped. We don’t have many ‘opposite’ things in the house. Things are generally the same colour, out of order, mismatched. Big and small. Hot and cold. Black and white. Right and left. New and old.

Day 8 - Opposites
Day 8 – Opposites



Oh… new and old? I remembered my lovely old Olympus Pen that I got from my Mum a year ago. And then I remembered she had a newer Olympus, a small point and shoot that still bared a slight resemblance to it’s great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather. If I’d had my first DSLR, my Olympus E400, it would’ve been quite the shot.

New and old. Perhaps not my best shot, but I tried my hand at strobist lighting to hone my skills in that department. Not the worst, but I’ve got some learning to do!

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